Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank You!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my Big Girl Heart!

You all lifted me up on Friday. I was overwhelmed with kind words. I was overwhelmed, and I was humbled. I wanted to take this blog post as an opportunity to reassure you- your kind words and well wishes did not go unused.

As the only girl from a family of six, anyone will tell you that I am never alone. Also, in case you can't tell from the blog, I am slightly gregarious. Finally, I am Irish. I love telling or hearing a good story. There is no moment I love more than those fleeting moments when everyone is gathered around a table laughing together. Those are the moments when I can imagine that heaven really truly exists right here on earth.

So I rarely feel alone, is the point.

Except when I am in a sterile tunnel. In tunnels, be they MRI, CT, PET, whatever other acronym you want to name, it is cold. They have to keep the rooms cold so the machines run smoothly. Also, when they run those tests everyone clears out before the machine moves. That is when you know you're sick. You are left alone in the cold room and everyone else, everyone except the sickie, everyone healthy, gets the hell out of there.

I don't usually feel sorry for myself, trust me I don't, but this procedure marked my seventh major procedure in a year. I'm all set with sterile rooms.

So on Friday, as they wheeled me away from mom and wheeled me back into a sterile room, I could have felt alone. But I didn't feel alone at all. At that moment, I knew all of these people, some people I've never even met, were right there with me.

So, thank you.

The procedure is over, but it was a bit tough. The surgeon was very apologetic. Apparently, liver biopsies are not supposed to hurt, but it hurt like hell in my case. The spot was very near the surface, but was difficult to get to for some reason, so they had to keep striking the surface to reposition the needle. The surface of the liver is, according to the apologetic surgeon, a "pain center". That sounds very benign in doctor terms. In patient terms, I never want to have to do that ever again. I'm all set with that.

That said, the recovery was smooth as silk. The only real side effect was that I couldn't have wine with dinner. Instead, the Big Man and I helped ourselves to some sweets.

So thank you for making a difficult day bearable. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. No one wants to suffer alone. No one should ever suffer alone. I am lucky.

Now we wait. The doctors tell me I should have the results on Wednesday. And yet, I am amazingly calm.

I am calm because I am not alone. Thank you for helping me shoulder this enormous burden, sometimes carrying it all alone gets too hard.


Jennifer Rosenberg said...


Thoughts, prayers and hugs coming your way.


joan said...

you are NEVER alone!

Emily Anderson said...

bridget - we are sending you positive vibes and great love from seattle!

Unknown said...

Definitely never alone! Will be thinking of you on Wednesday! xoxox

Pat Greeley said...

Bridget - the angels are flying over you and will be there for a long time. You are truly an amazing woman!!!

Pat Greeley

Anonymous said...

I will continue to keep you in my thoughts! Carrie Cook

Unknown said...

You continue to be my role model and I continue to pray for you daily. Your courage and positive outlook is amazing.

Nancy Lumb said...

Bridget: Thinking about you and sending good vibs your way. Good luck on Wednesday!

Katharine Fox said...


I follow your blog religiously... Your poise and grace is absolutely astounding and you are such an inspiration. I shared your blog with my mom, a breast cancer survivor, and we emailed back and forth as she cried in recognition of your pain and fear. Thank you for sharing this and you are always in my thoughts!!

Please let me know whenver you make a trip back to Bmore as I'd love to see you and catch up on old times at RPCS.

My mom forwarded this link to me and said that it made her think of you.

Thank you for sharing your story with us and sending lots of good vibes your way.


Bridget said...


Thank you! Your post made my morning! It is so wonderful hearing from you and the next time I'm in town, we really must meet up for a glass of wine.

Thanks to you and to your mom. That was an amazing article.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bridget,
I have been thinking of you constantly, and am so sorry about the bad news you received earlier this week. When you were in second grade and in our Cathedral carpool I would drop you off at your house. You would walk up your brick sidewalk and open the door to your big house. I knew then that you were a mature little someone, and look at the beautiful person that you have grown into. The talk that you gave to the Boston University Alumnae association was just awesome. Your blog spot is inspirational and has something for everyone in it. Even in your devastating illness you are making others feel better each day. We are awed by your spirit and outlook on life. You are right life is too precious to waste a second. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for being an inspiration to others.