Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We will never forget you......

           As we approach the first anniversary of Bridget's death, her family has decided to re-post her blog. We know that for many of her readers, the blog provided not only insight into how she was coping on the cancer journey, but also a sense of her quest for normalcy and her amazing joie de vivre in the face of fear and uncertainty.

         We are also taking this opportunity to make Bridget's readers aware of an incredible undertaking by the Pink Angels, a group of fundraisers who gave so much support over the years to the Boston 3Day. In Bridget's memory, the Pink Angels have instituted a fund whereby all proceeds will directly benefit the research being done by Bridget's oncologist, Dr. Ann Partridge, at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The fund, named The Bridget Spence Fund for Young Women with Breast Cancer, will channel proceeds to Dr. Partridge to be used as needed towards finding a cure for this awful disease which took Bridget's life at 29 years old.
           To find out more about The Bridget Spence Fund for Young Women with Breast Cancer, click on the link below, and follow the link to Bridget's page. We support the incredibly selfless work of the Pink Angels, and hope that you will also, in Bridget's memory.