Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We will never forget you......

           As we approach the first anniversary of Bridget's death, her family has decided to re-post her blog. We know that for many of her readers, the blog provided not only insight into how she was coping on the cancer journey, but also a sense of her quest for normalcy and her amazing joie de vivre in the face of fear and uncertainty.

         We are also taking this opportunity to make Bridget's readers aware of an incredible undertaking by the Pink Angels, a group of fundraisers who gave so much support over the years to the Boston 3Day. In Bridget's memory, the Pink Angels have instituted a fund whereby all proceeds will directly benefit the research being done by Bridget's oncologist, Dr. Ann Partridge, at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The fund, named The Bridget Spence Fund for Young Women with Breast Cancer, will channel proceeds to Dr. Partridge to be used as needed towards finding a cure for this awful disease which took Bridget's life at 29 years old.
           To find out more about The Bridget Spence Fund for Young Women with Breast Cancer, click on the link below, and follow the link to Bridget's page. We support the incredibly selfless work of the Pink Angels, and hope that you will also, in Bridget's memory.



Titus 2 Thandi said...

Not forgotten...

Peggy said...

I do not know or didn't know Bridget...but we have more than a few things in common. I am so sorry to hear that she has passed away from this dreadful disease. I, myself, am a 10 year survivor. But that's not the thing we have so much in common.

Dr. Ann Partridge is. What a phenomenal, caring, compassionate, and brilliant doctor Ann is. Her research will help thousands of women.

Peggy Nolan

AliGigglesWalks60 said...

Today the pink family came together across social media saluting Bridget in many touching ways. Pictures of pearls being worn, pink roses, the picture of Bridget in her wedding dress hanging in the remembrance tent, blogs, pink tutu's, the memorial "Faith" pendant created in Bridget's memory by Pearl Paradise, pictures of Bridget with walkers and crew....

While some of us are stuck in a time warp of..."I can't believe it has already been a year", many of us turned our thoughts and heartfelt prayers to you, her family. Hoping that you feel our love shining for you, for her, for her memory and her fight.

If we could collectively reach out to you and let you know one thing... We are NOT forgetting. We are carrying on Bridget's message and are radiating HOPE on her behalf to so many others. Sharing Bridget's wisdom, her videos, her courage, her grace, her smile and her love. We continue to be her voice. We continue to share her style of compassion and determination and do it in a style she would have approved of.

Many of us this past season dedicated our fundraising, our walking, our triumphs... In her name. She continues to inspire us all... Daily. And it is worldwide. I know it must seem incredible that last statement... "Worldwide", but it is the truth. She has touched so many people and we are all proud to have known her in whatever capacity she graced our lives with.

It is phenomenal news about the exciting and lifesaving efforts by the Pink Angels and the fund created in Bridget's name. I know we ALL look forward to hearing the successes and news updates of these exciting times and advancements within Dr. Partridge's scope of expertise.

On behalf of many many people.... Thank you for bringing the blog back online. It was much needed wind in many people's sails. A breath of air we have been holding onto and not letting go of for the fear of not getting it back. In seeing Bridget's blog back online it is like a small but very very important part of her is back with us all. Her words, her courage and her strength. It fuels so many with hope. Thank you

Alisen Dupre
San Diego Team Captain - Bridget's Brigade 2013 & 2014

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that Bridget is not just an inspiration to women with cancer, but she is an inspiration to all women. Her grace and ability to live well and be well is astounding and a model for all of us: young, old, with and without a disease. Thank you for returning her blog.

Chrystine Holcomb said...

We'll never forget you, pretty girl.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing Bridget back to us. We really appreciate it.

Much love,

A friend in MA

Anonymous said...

I want to send a message to Bridget in heaven to please look for a special friend who just lost her life a few days ago. Lindsey Miller, passed away on the 21st from a form of cancer that I have. Lindsey called herself a "liver" and was not yet 29-yo. She had a spirit and a smile like Bridget to keep living.
Please fellow friends of Bridget, leave messages of support to Lindsey's family and friends, as well.

And Bridget, please take Lindsey under your wing and let her know she, too, is not forgotten. She'll be wearing a ZEBRA ribbon.

Stacey Basse - almost 5 year survivor said...

Thinking of you today. And your husband. And your Mom. And your Dog. Not forgotten. I hope you are enjoying your day on the beach with a drink with a big pink umbrella... waiting for your husband to join you one day. God bless you and what you gave to this community.

How to improve your marriage said...

We will never forget you. Sorry to hear this.

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