Friday, October 1, 2010

Wish List Updates

Happy October, Blogger Buddies! To honor breast cancer awareness month, I have compiled all of your fabulous suggestions and added items to the Ultimate Wish List. Visit the updated list here:

The Ultimate Breast Cancer Survivors Wish List 2.0

It is pretty clear from all of your thoughtful and helpful ideas that you aren't just good readers and faithful followers. You are also all stylish young ladies who never let cancer keep you down - women after my own heart. I am privileged to call you friends.

Among the updates are several calls for fleece hats, to keep you warm in the upcoming cold New England weather.  I also love the People Magazine suggestion. Although, I know there is often fierce debate surrounding People v. Us Weekly, I side with People on this one. I have never been steered wrong by People's on target book, music, and movie reviews. I also love the easy crossword puzzle. It makes me feel smart because I often can't even get a single word in the New York Times!

A huge thank you to reader Kristian for the MP3 suggestion! I found some wonderful IPod speakers that come in a spill and drop resistant travel case, which is especially helpful for hospital visits. I clearly remember getting a blood transfusion and the nurse sprayed blood everywhere (that hospital shall remain nameless) Who wears white pants to a blood transfusion appointment? I do, of course! Going to the hospital is no excuse for looking sloppy! I still look fabulous when going to chemo, but I now choose stain-hiding black and navy instead.

Along the same music line, I know music is a very personal taste-specific topic, but I must take this opportunity to suggest my favorite musical artist Ingrid Michaelson. Her songs are beautiful and touching, but upbeat. Her songs "Keep Breathing," "Soldier," "Breakable," and "Be OK" particularly resonate with me as a survivor.

Happy Shopping! And again, please share this list!

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Jen said...

Just wanted to thank you for the wish list. I am newly diagnosed with breast cancer (stage IIa) and this is extremely helpful. I was just thinking about jammies the other day and those look like real jammies but consider comfort at the same time...